Digital Signage

SpyeNetwork Icons Digital Signage

Digital Signage Partner has:

• Capability for Digital Signage software support, sales and installation within a given market or
• Been approved by Spyeglass as an authorized digital signage partner.
• Agreed to operate within the rules of the Spyeglass service network.

Digital Signage Competence:

A large Digital Signage Network will have hundreds or thousands of signs and/or sites, requiring on-site installation of the computer and display products, as well as regular field maintenance available on short notice. The computer network itself will have to be monitored and maintained on a 24/7 basis; installers will need to deal with network security, viruses, firewalls, OS issues, to preventing and/or troubleshooting operational failures. This will require a specialized team of individuals from project management and field installation and support subcontractors, to the Network Operators who monitor and support the 24/7 reliability required for this new public advertising and communications medium to be successful. This display and installation expertise requires a high degree of audio visual experience and competence. These are critical skill-sets for any company planning to be involved in the sale and installation of a DSN.

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