Rear Projection Screens


Spyeglass carries a variety of rear projection screen materials that work with a wide range of projectors. Image size, ambient light (light within the environment), and content can all play a factor into which rear projection screen material is right for you. For help in selecting which screen material is the best for your project, contact your Spyeglass reseller, or contact us directly.

Front projection vs rear projection: The terms front and rear projection are in reference to where the projector is in relationship to the screen material and the viewer. Front projection screens are when the projector is behind the viewer, projecting onto the front side of the screen, While rear projection screens occur when the projector is shooting behind the screen towards the viewer.

Rear projection screens come in two basic formats: Rigid screens and film screens.

What is a rigid rear projection screen?

A rigid screen is one that comes in standard sheet sizes, and is often times manufactured with the screen technology already embedded into a piece of acrylic. These rigid surfaces have the same weight and feel of standard pieces of acrylic or lexan, and are made around ¼ inch thick (Please see spec sheets for exact material thickness and size).

Rigid screens are a great solution for home theaters, corporate lobbies, boardrooms, trade shows, and for free hanging. We offer framing solutions and hanging kits to ensure your rigid rear projection screen is hung safely and securely.

Our two most popular rigid screens are the 3M Vikuiti XRVS rigid screen material, and Plexiglas Hi-Def screen material. Both rear projection screens offer great off-axis viewing, and superior contrast and picture quality.

3M Vikuiti

Unlike many of our competitors, the 3M Vikuiti screens can be seen with the LIGHTS ON!! No need to turn down the lights in a meeting room in order to view a presentation or movie. This unique advantage of the 3M Vikuiti rigid screen is unique in the industry and has unparallelled optical technology. Vibrant color, rich detail and 180 degree viewing make this one of the best screen materials on the market today. Read more about the material here.

Plexiglas Hi-Def

Plexiglas Hi-Def also offers great off-axis viewing, and the big advantage to this screen material is that it can go up to 165" 16:9 diagonal. Plexiglas screens also offer the advantage of the screen technology being safely embedded between two layers of acrylic, which protects the screen from being effected when the screen gets minor surface scratches. This screen material is great for high traffic environments, trade shows, or any time the screen may be susceptible to damage. The Hi-Def rear projection screen is also weatherproof, and can be heat-molded similar to regular acrylic. (please call Spyeglass for more details about heat molding).