Rear Projection Films


Spyeglass carries a wide variety of unique hi-definition rear projection films that create stunning images with vibrant and unsurpassed image quality. Combine any of our rear projection films with an interactive touch foil to create a thru-glass touch screen. Projection films are sold at wholesale by the roll (5M, 10M) or by the linear inch, allowing you to purchase exactly how much you need with no worry of having left-over material. Spyeglass will also custom cut screens into various shapes and sizes, and larger screen can be created by seaming multiple pieces together. Our rear projection films gradient from clear to opaque black, and samples are available by request. We stock all of our films, and can ship most orders the same day, with overnight delivery possible if needed. Not only do we carry some of the best looking films available, but we also have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you decide what film will work best for your project.

What is a rear projection film?

Rear projection film is a flexible film, similar to a heavy vinyl, with an adhesive backing for an easy peel and stick application to glass or acrylic. (see installation instructions for more details). These screens have been optimized for amplifying the light thrown from the projector and creating the crispest, Hi-Def images available.

When is a film screen better to use than a rigid screen?

A film screen is best used when there is a pre-existing window, or clear surface you want to turn into a projection screen, or interactive touch screen. Film screens are also ideal when you want to cut your screen into a specific shape such as a logo or product. Film screens are popular in high-end projects because they give a "minority report" feel to the floating image.