Hanging Kits

Vert 201 Hanging Kit

One of our most popular hanging kits is the aluminum Vert 201. Our engineers designed a system that is easy to assemble, safe, and virtually unseen. This minimal hanging kit is ideal for installations where a modern, clean, stealth look is desired.

PDF Icon Vert 201 Instructions

Tilt Hanging Kit

Tilt is a great way to hang your Vikuiti Rear Projection Screen in an indoor environment. Made from quality polished aluminum fittings that are installer friendly and handsome to look at.

This unique kit will allow for an installation that requires your screen to be angled up to 15 degrees toward viewers when hung from above using Spyeglass' 201 low profile extrusion for maximum screen viewablitiy. Tilt includes these parts for installation by a professional.

PDF Icon Tilt