201 Frame Extrusion

201 Frame Extrusion

This frame is the cleanest and most minimal extrusion in our line. It can be used to frame a screen on all four sides or along just the top of the screen. This extrusion can be used in screen sizes up through 95" and can be color coated any color as an available add-on.

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Single Track

Single Track Frame

This single sided track is a sturdy option for larger and heavier screens. Slightly larger than the 201, and smaller than the Double Track, many find the Single Track a perfect fit for their installation. Carpenters and builders often choose this frame for installing/mounting directly into a structure (such as a wall) seamlessly hiding the frame within the wall or structure. The Single Track comes with rubber gaskets to capture the screen in the extrusion and can come apart allowing for the screen to be used in another application. This frame can also be coated any color as an add-on.

Double Track

Double Track Frame

A larger, more robust frame with two tracks allow for more bonding flexibility and stronger support. Ideally used when installing a screen into a roughed in opening where a contractor can trim out accordingly. The outer track can also be used to hang screens from the ceiling in airports, churches and trade shows. This minimum frame is recommended for our larger, heavier screens, and can handle a full size 95 Vikuiti Rigid screen or our 104" Plexiglas® Hi-Def ™ diffusion screen. This frame can also be coated any color as an add-on.

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1035 frame for HD

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