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RTT, USA Inc. created a display that could be used in both outdoor/tent environments as well as in exhibition centers around the country to promote the Nissan Leaf electric car and the Livestrong team. As part of the booth, they wanted an interactive touch screen to allow the public to engage and learn about the new Nissan Leaf.

According to Ken Heaton, a Producer at RTT USA Inc., "We'd researched the market pretty heavily and we were looking for a screen utilizing the latest in touch technology". Spyeglass worked with Heaton and RTT, USA to create an engaging solution for presenting their multimedia content. Heaton describes the Spyeglass touch screen as, "An innovative solution that is both exciting and practical".

The goal of the interactive touch screen is to invite potential customers to engage and learn about the Nissan Leaf. Heaton explained that the multimedia content included photos, video, information, and an active configurator. The active configurator encourages the user to customize their own car, and save the settings on a removable USB hard drive which they can then take home.

"Touch screens are a great addition to any booth or exhibit, because they entice users to become "hands-on" and interact with the product more. The touch screens also allow customers to be in the drivers seat (so to speak) accessing only the information they wanted to learn about, " points out Natalie Miller, Director of Marketing for Spyeglass.

"We're definitely happy with the product and the service, and have you listed as our #1 on new tech presentation foils, screens, and signage."

- Ken Heaton, Producer for RTT, USA Inc.

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