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Eurocopter approached Skyline to design a new booth for the Heli-Expo Show in Houston, Texas. According to Nate Nelson, an exhibit designer assigned to the project, "It was very important that Eurocopter present themselves as the most innovative helicopter manufacturer in the world. They were unveiling a whole host of high-tech, groundbreaking innovations at the show, and the environment and brand experience needed to clearly communicate this as well".

With close ties to Spyeglass, and a desire to incorporate futuristic technology into the booth, Nelson's design called for four Spyeglass touch screens. The design was submitted to Jeff Meisner, President of Skyline DFW, who said "We [Skyline] were intrigued by the technology of the touch foil, and the potential it had--and more importantly, so was Eurocopter".

The Eurocopter touch screens were not just a fresh and stylish technology to have, they really aided Eurocopter's salespeople. "The screens were an appropriate tool for Eurocopter's sales team to present and demo the features of the highly sophisticated aircraft quickly and easily. The intuitive technology amazed the attendees, drawing them further into the booth, and encouraged them to learn more about Eurocopter's product line" said Jeff Meisner, President of Skyline DFW.

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