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Inwindow Outdoor (www.inwindowoutdoor.com), an outdoor advertising company, deployed 3M Vikuiti Screens for its nationwide Coraline campaign. The project involved large vinyl graphics with sections of interactive screens, holographic images and augmented reality. Inwindow Outdoor came to Spyeglass looking for the best rear projection screens on the market. According to Inwindow's CEO, Steve Birnhak, "Krista and the team at Spyeglass are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to understanding video projection, and their customer service has always been great so when it came time to pull everything together for this campaign, as well as others, they didn't let us down."

When it came to choosing a screen material, it was imperative that the material have high color contrast, sharp image clarity, fight sunlight, and be easily seen from all angles. Spyeglass provided Inwindow Outdoor with technical assistance choosing screen material for their installation, "It was important in a project this large to use a reliable screen material that we knew would provide the brightest picture possible," said Krista North, Director of Partnerships and Sales. Inwindow Outdoor choose 3M Vikuiti Rear Projection Film for its ambient light fighting properties. "We've tested a lot of different films and Vikuiti is the gold standard to which all other films are compared. It's the best stuff out there." said Birnhak.


• "Best-in-Show" at MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home Awards.

• "Best National Campaign" at MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home Awards.

• "Best Use of Interactive Technologies" at MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home Awards.

• "Best Interactive OOH Advertising Award" at MIXX Awards