At Spyeglass we take great pride in delivering exceptional digital signage solutions with outstanding customer service. We consider ourselves creative problem solvers; from system design to screen selection, we can help deliver amazing solutions. More about us, how we do it, and why:


Spyeglass is dedicated to being a company with which you will want to do business. Our policies are intended to promote fair and mutually beneficial commerce, and to contribute to the community in ways which also make us a strong organization.


Spyeglass cares about the Earth: we live here, and we know you do too. We constantly strive to improve our environmental performance and encourage others to do so as well. With the acquisition of our new office space in 2012, we have implemented efficient lighting systems throughout our offices that detect a room's occupancy and natural light and adjusts the lighting accordingly. We are also a member of the local community co-op and are strategically located next to the Midtown Greenway bicycle path, allowing visitors and employees easy access via inter-city bike routes and other public transportation.