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Eurocopter Case Study

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Facts on the End-Client (Eurocopter)

For more than 50 years, Eurocopter has been at the forefront of innovation. With approximately 2,300 patents registered to date - and no less than 85 patents registered in 2009 - Eurocopter continues its innovation policy, and its success is evident: Eurocopter helicopters fly faster, farther, more safely, with more passengers and greater comfort, while fuel consumption, noise levels and particle emissions have been reduced. These advantages have made Eurocopter the world's number one helicopter manufacturer and have allowed its helicopters to set impressive records. (Retrieved June 9, 2010 from


"Spyeglass did a great job from theory all the way into practice. [Spyeglass employees] are rock-stars. Sam, our installer, went above and beyond just the basic installation. He returned emails and calls as late as 2am. It seemed like there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for us. I can't tell you how great that was, and how much we really appreciated his support."

- Jeff Meisner, President of Skyline DFW

"As soon as I have a project where Spyeglass technology is appropriate to meet my clients goals, and providing the budget allows, I will call you guys right away! Thanks for providing a key element of what turned out to be a stunning exhibit!"

- Nate Nelson, Exhibit Designer

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Needs & Motives

Eurocopter approached Skyline to design a new booth for the Heli-Expo Show in Houston, Texas. According to Nate Nelson, an exhibit designer assigned to the project, "It was very important that Eurocopter present themselves as the most innovative helicopter manufacturer in the world. They were unveiling a whole host of high-tech, groundbreaking innovations at the show, and the environment and brand experience needed to clearly communicate this as well". With close ties to Spyeglass, and a desire to incorporate futuristic technology into the booth, Nelson's design called for four Spyeglass touch screens. The design was submitted to Jeff Meisner, President of Skyline DFW, who said "We [Skyline] were intrigued by the technology of the touch foil, and the potential it had--and more importantly, so was Eurocopter".

Project Description

The Skyline design team spent five months engineering and designing an amazing 120' x 120' booth; complete with five full size helicopters, a double-deck exhibit, and four Spyeglass touch screens. The 40" 16:9 touch screens are combined with Vikuiti rear projection film, and applied to custom cut, tempered 1/2" glass with flat polished edges.

Educational and Sales Tool

The Eurocopter touch screens were not just a fresh and stylish technology to have, they really aided Eurocopter's salespeople. "The screens were an appropriate tool for Eurocopter's sales team to present and demo the features of the highly sophisticated aircraft quickly and easily. The intuitive technology amazed the attendees, drawing them further into the booth, and encouraged them to learn more about Eurocopter's product line" said Jeff Meisner, President of Skyline DFW.

Spyeglass Touch Foils

Spyeglass Touch is an innovative new product that allows any clear rigid surface to be transformed into an interactive touch screen. This thin clear capacitive foil is combined with Vikuiti film and applied to the back of the custom cut tempered glass used in the Eurocopter Booth. The Spyeglass touch foil can read a finger touch through up to 1" of material (through solid or gas filled glass or acrylic, wood, print etc). Touch Foils also work in rain and snow and with a gloved hand. This product is revolutionizing projection based digital signage by allowing customers to interact with the content on the screens. The touch foil comes up to 120" diagonal.

Vikuiti Rear Projection Film

3M Vikuiti Film is an optical rear projection screen that features the Vikuiti XRVS-120 technology and is widely considered the best rear projection product on the market. Vikuiti technology is unsurpassed in it's ability to reject ambient light, providing unmatched contrast, and 180 degree off-axis viewing. One of the many benefits of 3M Vikuiti Film is that it can be custom cut into unique shapes such as logos, products and more.

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