Case Studies

Nissan Case Study

RTT, USA Inc. along with TBWA\Chiat\OMD, Platt Design Group, Rodale and Lead Dog Marketing wanted a booth that could be used in both outdoor tent environments as well as in exhibition centers around the country to promote the Nissan Leaf and the Livestrong team.

The display would be set up for marathons, bicycle races, and other events and exhibitions throughout the country and promote the Nissan Leaf electric car. As part of the booth, they wanted an interactive touch screen to allow the public to engage and learn about the new Nissan Leaf.

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Eurocopter Case Study

Eurocopter approached Skyline to design a new booth for the Heli-Expo Show in Houston, Texas. According to Nate Nelson, an exhibit designer assigned to the project, "It was very important that Eurocopter present themselves as the most innovative helicopter manufacturer in the world. They were unveiling a whole host of high-tech, groundbreaking innovations at the show, and the environment and brand experience needed to clearly communicate this as well".

With close ties to Spyeglass, and a desire to incorporate futuristic technology into the booth, Nelson's design called for four Spyeglass touch screens. The design was submitted to Jeff Meisner, President of Skyline DFW, who said "We [Skyline] were intrigued by the technology of the touch foil, and the potential it had--and more importantly, so was Eurocopter".

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Coraline Case Study

Inwindow Outdoor (, an outdoor advertising company, deployed 3M Vikuiti Screens for its nationwide Coraline campaign. The project involved large vinyl graphics with sections of interactive screens, holographic images and augmented reality. Inwindow Outdoor came to Spyeglass looking for the best rear projection screens on the market. According to Inwindow's CEO, Steve Birnhak, "Krista and the team at Spyeglass are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to understanding video projection, and their customer service has always been great so when it came time to pull everything together for this campaign, as well as others, they didn't let us down."

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Jerry Remy Case Study

The New York Times has it half right, according to numerous reviews - the most impressive thing about the restaurant are the televisions. What the New York Times (and others) got wrong was that those aren't televisions, those are two rear projection systems featuring Plexiglas Hi-Def screens from Spyeglass.

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Virtual Presenter Case Study

Spyeglass is now offering the ability to create your own virtual mannequin. A video of a salesperson is recorded and an acrylic cut-out is created using the outline of their form. A piece of Vikuiti Rear Projection Film is applied to the upper body, while a printed vinyl graphic is used for the lower body.

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Intel Infoscape Case Study

When Foghorn Creative was looking for a high resolution screen display for Intel, they turned to Spyeglass for assistance. Our design team chose Vikuiti RPF film by 3M for its ambient light fighting properties, and applied it to 84" x 84" custom made glass panels.

Spye Reseller, Foghorn, created a one of a kind interactive display that stopped people in their tracks. The screens drew a huge crowd to the Intel booth at CES, winning awards and accolades to boot.

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