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Plexiglas® Hi-Def™ acrylic screen represents the leading edge in rear-projection diffusion screen performance. With the widest possible viewing angle (approaching 180°) and the highest contrast ratio of all diffusion screen materials tested, Plexiglas® Hi-Def™ acrylic screen delivers whiter whites, startling image resolution and clarity. Its multi-layer structure offers superior projection performance, including excellent screen uniformity, contrast ratio and image resolution.

Images are visible from any angle, up-close and far away without hot spots or dark corners. No other diffusion screen commands viewers' attention like Plexiglas® Hi-Def™ acrylic screen.

• For in-store displays, conference rooms, exhibits, showrooms, theaters, learning institutions
   and houses of worship
• Large Viewing Angle (almost 180°)
• Easily fabricated, thermoformed or custom cut into any shape
• Ideal for stand-alone or suspended-screen applications
• Half the weight of glass and scratch resistant
• Can be used with short throw projectors and off-axis projection
• Suitable for outdoor usage

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